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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things you might not consider....

Toilet roll holder. There are many every day items that simply do not exist in this rural part of the world, for most people, at least.

A simple example is the toilet roll holder. Yes, you will find a find many Chinese plastic versions in the towns, but even the toilet roll itself is still not as widespread as you might imagine!

We provide toilet rolls on site, not always what you're going to find in the rural areas. (It is common to take your own when outside the metropolis). However, the sitting on the cistern and falling on the floor challenge, has led to the delightful demonstration if ingenuity that we enjoy as part of our daily lives... in the form of a plywood and 2inch nail t-roll holder of high functionality

Visitors to Kpong will get to compare the bush made item to there home version. .. moreover it has raised questions and discussions of an educative nature at the airfield with staff and visitors alike!

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