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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Amateur Radio at Kpong Airfield!

For the first time ever, we'll be having an amateur radio station activated at Kpong Airfield to be used as a teaching aid for the students at the AvTech Academy. After several months of application time and the help of Bob to finalize the license, I have successfully been granted 9G5MS, a lovely complement to my US license of AI6MS! With any luck, we'll have a station operational in the next week or two, hopefully in time to activate for the ARRL School Club Roundup contest, quite possibly being the first school station in West Africa to ever participate! Stay tuned for details...with any luck we'll establish some standard operating times and frequencies once we get then antennas up and operational. 73 de 9G5MS.


  1. You doing good work in the krobo communities but i wonder if the natives do appreciate.

  2. I am planning a 2 week visit to Ghana in November. I am licensed in the US as N3NWA. What do I need to get a license in Ghana?

  3. My email is spark@n3swh.org