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Thursday, January 24, 2013

FIRE!!!!!!!! ... OK just a drill, But practice makes perfect.

Blog Submitted by Marcel Stieber,

 This morning, on our first day of flying for 2013, Jonathan and I simulated an emergency in flight to get everyone back into the safety mindset required for air operations. Towards the end of our flight, Jonathan simulated a partial radio failure due to 'fire' damaging the wires for the radio controls. This meant that the tower could not properly understand our radio traffic. After some attempts to 'regain' communications and the partial transmission of one of the emergency codes, the ground crew prepared for an emergency landing. Jonathan skilfully piloted Kilo-Tango for an abnormal approach to runway 01 (reverse from normal operations) where we landed and quickly evacuated the plane to 'escape the fire'. The ground crew and those operating the tower were quick to arrive with fire extinguishers ready for this 'unexpected emergency'. At the debrief of the drill we discussed proper action given the situation and the unknown emergency due to 'lost radio contact'. The drill sure helped bring up everyone's emergency response awareness at the field. Future "incidents" will most definitely have the girls immediately preparing the emergency vehicle complete with fire extinguishers and first aid kit. After all, it's much better to bring everything you've got than to show up empty handed.

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