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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fulani Educational Center update

Submitted by Cindy Gracelyn Yeboah

Today’s turn up was quite good most of the adults were not able to make it. Some were gone to the market and others were sick. We started the day with some poem recitals and songs.

We had two new people visiting us today Jenny a volunteer from Germany and Tony a staff at WAASPS. The children recited to them, the rhymes and songs they have learnt so far. Tony was very impressed with the performance of the children. He was so stunned at the confidence they exhibited and the accuracy with which they spoke the English language. He said the kids had great potentials and some of them could emerge as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc in the near future. He therefore advised their parents to take advantage of the opportunity the educational center is offering them to educate their children.

Jenny was also very impressed with the way the kids are picking up the language, at a very quick pace. Jenny helped me with today’s class, she took the kids and I took the older ones.  The very young ones continued with the writing of the ABC’s and the adult class continued with the learning of some basic multiplications.
The place is still muddy but it’s much better than it was last week. The young girls, we introduced to the vocational training programme, did not turn up the day they were supposed to be registered. They were also not in school today but we have not given up. Our aim is to encourage these young ones to make something meaningful out of their lives. And to live meaningful lives that will earn them better standard of living than it had always been for them.

We spoke to Ali about fencing the center again, to prevent the cows from walking into the school structure. We are also planning an alternative way of keeping the floor useful during this raining season - working the school’s floor with cow dung mixed with clay and having it polished to give it a nice finish until the cements are ready.