With your help the people of West Africa have "a chance, not only to change their own lives and their own destinies, but to change the future of an entire generation".

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mean while .. back at the field....

Submitted by Marcel Stieber,

Some things really put a big smile on your face, this young boy in one of the rural communities was no exception. At local week-long sports competition between 9 of the local schools in the Afram Plains, this young boy was proudly holding the "1st Aid Box" at the judges booth. It came as a very pleasant surprise that there was both the desire, the knowledge, and some of the materials needed to be prepared at the event with First Aid ready to use.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woman of Worth Patricia Mawuli

She literally walked out of the bush, from her mud and thatch home, just six years ago, and asked for a job at Kpong Airfield. Starting by clearing trees, digging out roots and stones in order to hand carve runways for the light aircraft at Kpong, she went on to build several aircraft and become the first woman in the world to receive iRMT certification for working on Rotax Aircraft Engines. That is not the only first she has up her overalls sleeve! She was the first woman to be issued the Ghana National Pilots licence and is also the first female flying instructor at Kpong Airfield. She has not only built aircraft - she has also flown one around Ghana!

Patricia is a volunteer pilot with Medicine on the Move, providing health education materials by air to rural communities and the founder and Principal of the AvTech Academy, teaching young women from the rural communities in engineering, aviation, rural airfield management and health matters. Patricia teaches in the workshops as well as in the sky. She is at home with a welding hood on as she is with a headset! in the cockpit.

 Patricia is dedicated to providing opportunities for young rural women who have ability, determination and character, but often lack the resources to step out and step up. Patricia makes it clear that she has had to work hard, very hard, to get to where she is - and she has not stopped - she has plans to fly one of the planes she has built to Germany!

Patricia started with nothing but her own dreams and ambitions. With no money to invest, she invested her hard work, sweat, tears and perseverance That self-investment has paid off. As she says 'I have discovered that the difference between success and failure is hard work and determination' - and she should know - for she has broken the mould and set a trail in the sky for other young women to follow towards their individual successes.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Woman of Worth Ama K Abebrese

The Women of Worth inspirational series from Wolfpack takes on Ama K Abebrese, the award

winning actress, presenter and producer. Although she started in the UK with the BBC, she heard the call of the Motherland, and returned to Ghana in 2009. Her return home is one that inspires in itself, as does her recognition in the 'ETV 100 Most Influential Ghanaian Personalities' in 2011 and 2012!

She has won a host of awards, but the most important to date must be having been chosen as a 'Woman of Worth' to inspire others, along with her message of 'Be a woman of substance, let your inner beauty shine from within. Have a great attitude in all that you do, and be defiant to negativity. Positivity is key in life.'

We all look forward to seeing more of these selected role models actively making a difference in the lives of our young women, and to seeing those that they inspire surpass the role models in the future!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woman of Worth Aisha Obuobi

This week the Wolfpack Woman of Worth campaign to inspire young women in Ghana and West

Africa focuses on Aisha Obuobi.

Ausha started her dreams from dressing up dolls with shreds of African print she found at her grandmothers workplace, and now she dresses up the likes of Alicia Keys & Michelle Williams on and off the runway with her award winning fashion deisngs under the label of Christie Brown.

Her work has graced catwalks all over the world, with coverage in magazines such as The UK Times, Glamour, Vogue Italia, Forbes Afrique and New African Woman. Her brand (Christie Brown) also has a self titled feature on CNN's Inside Africa.

Aisha's telkls us that her mission is to "give a piece of Africa to the world through her fashion; to build a fashion brand that represents the audacity of Africa, a continent rising, a people with immense zeal, a people with immense passion. "

Inspiration is key in this campaign and we all look forward to the continued spotlighting of the inspirational women that Ghana has grown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Women of Worth

This week saw the beginning of a new and exciting motivational and inspirational campaign aimed at the young women of Ghana. The dynamic young men behind Wolfpack Entertainment, a relatively young Ghanaian creative company that focus on unearthing and exhibiting talent in the youth, found that young women lacked positive role models, and set about establishing the ‘Women of Worth’ campaign.

The campaign promotes and celebrates 10 young pioneering Ghanaian women for their passionate work, and their contribution towards youth inspiration. The team decided to make creative use of monochrome images on a black background – and it works to provide images that are both striking and engaging.

This week, the Wolfpack Woman of Worth is Christal Beeko previously known as Christal Jeanne), well known for her promotion of Ghanaian entrepreneurship and social outreach through her e-TV show ‘Be Bold’.

The team hopes to work with the women from the Women of Worth series in related outreach programmes, including school speaking events and seminars, reminding us all that Ghanaian girls and women are worth investing in!

Two wings are better than one.... ?

Lydia goes from strength to strength. .. today we kidnapped her from the hospital to the airfield nearby.

Here she takes a closer look at a flamingo replica (an aircraft type from 1925). Lydia talks with passion about using her creative skills in combining aviation and health education in the coming years

Friday, September 20, 2013

Learning radio work

Lydia (yellow shirt) is in charge of teaching radio work to the academy students. Good communication is essential for our outreach. Although English is the official language of Ghana it is rarely the mother tongue in the home.

What better way to encourage improved communication standards than through radio telephony.

Lydia heads for surgery this week and will miss her students as much as they will miss her.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Up and at'm...

Lydia is smiling. Happy with her new hand position. All fingers and thumb are working. Wrist is fused (as is elbow but that is from last surgery). Thank you all for your amazing support and encouragement to help us get this far.

Lydia is bright and playing oware, a traditional African game, as she gets ready to start physical therapy tomorrow.

5 Hours later... it's all looking FANTASTIC so far

Surgery completed. 5 hrs 2 surgeons.

About 30 degree position. She smiles.


Lydia says a big thank you and good night.

All fingers are moving.  Hand is fused at 30 degree from straight.  A very function potential filled position.

Thank you for your kind support and encouragement.


Here we Go!!!

Xrays examined .....
 Headed down for Surgery....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Checked in and ready

Yesterday Lydia was admitted to the hand surgery unit in Bad Neustadt.

Supported by Patricia and Angelika, as well as a host of others, she will undergo extensive surgery on her right wrist and hand today.

We would like to thank all who have made this surgery a possibility - many we know personally others we can only feel your caring and hope to meet you one day.

Particular thanks to the German team who have persevered to bring this about.

MoM is truly an international team dedicated to changing lives for a sustainable future or those in the rural parts of Ghana.

Thank you all for being a part of this change.

Welcome to Kpong Airfield

A new look for the front of the airfield and lots of smiles from those whose lives are being changed by the activities at Kpong Airfield.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nurse Lydia

Lydia's first unassisted first aid. Today Lele crushed part of his finger and came to the first aid post.

Patricia and I were working on the drop aircraft and asked Lydia to check it out.

10 minutes later the wound was cleaned and dressed. The patient was happy and Lydia had carried out cleaning and dressing to the book.

This is what sustainable development is all about.

Well done Lydia.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Waste management

Waste management is a growing issue at Kpong Airfield, especially with the growing number of young ladies based at the site. Whether it is catering related or simply from the normal cycle of healthy young people, appropriate waste management is essential.

Until now we used a simple burning pile. However, winds and stray dogs were beginning to add to the work load by distribution of items best left alone!

Ever conscious that our challenges are no different to the rural communities, we designed a simple furnace that could be easily constructed in most communities.

It is now on trial at the airfield and if successful will be offered as a set of plans. .. possibly with the steel components already formed as a kit. .. to provide an improved waste management solution for other small communities.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeding the troops....

Feeding the hungry mouths at the airfield is a task given to Mavis. She embraces it with joy.

Mabel , our hearing and speech impaired apprentice is based in the kitchen with her.

Today tuna was on the menu. Interestingly it is one of the more affordable fish options here. However, preparation is a little different to what those in other nations may be familiar with.

Providing a balanced diet is part of teaching our apprentices and we are pleased to confirm that they are all looking and feeling healthier than when they arrived.

Monday, September 9, 2013


The cornerstone of sustainable development is the people and human relationships that make it work

Yesterday was a dressing up day for an event at the airfield and Patricia wanted a photo taken with 'her girls'.

These young women are the future of Kpong Airfield and medicine on the move.

The camaraderie and oneness that these sisters have is incredible and we look forward to seeing them grow and learn to bring about sustainable change with improved health and education, not only for themselves but for whole communities.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Student becomes teacher

Patricia takes the baton over on more and more of the teaching at Kpong Airfield. This morning she
took five young people flying, and this afternoon she is going over the theory behind flight.

Using flight and aviation as a motivational medium for Science Technology Mathematics and Engineering is the basis of how we trian our youngsters at Kpong.

The wonderful thing is that the airfield has such a range of activities and skills that help us to create rounded youngsters.

Some people get confused by thinking that our purpose is to train young people as pilots. That is only a bonus. The primary aim is to give them a better outlook on life, personal confidence, intellectual growth, environmental responsibility, better understanding of health matters, a maintenance mentality and above all the steps towards independence.

If a youngster demonstrates the personal responsibility and potential we are prepared to support them to towards the Ghana National Licence.

For many achieving that licence may be just a challenge and for some it may not be suitable. All the same just a few hours of flight experience can change a persons outlook on so many things and aspects of their lives.

We are always going to be limited in what we can achieve, and the youngsters are limited by their own efforts, attitudes and preparedness to make the necessary efforts and sacrifices to reach their goal.

It is a privilege to work with many of these youngsters and a greater pleasure to see that our investment in training Patricia has resulted in such an able and inspirational leader for current and future programmes.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Testing.. always testing...

Each day the young apprentices have a pre lunch test. It can be on anything from maths to the solar system. ... biology to safety.

We also add some feedback questions enabling us to track their progress as we go.

Here are some early feedback and answers to give you a feel for how things look in their first week.