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Monday, January 28, 2013

Neighbourhood watch ... Ghanaian style

Not far from the airfield we have a little family that lives in a simple structure under a tree.

The mother and daughter were suddenly found on the airfield, near the threshold of runway 11, shouting in loud voices, which resulted in the deployment of our 'incursion response'. Pulling up in the car next to them I was greeted with even more shouting.

Apparently they had seen two men use the airfield access road and were chasing them, on our behalf.

We did not find the men, but we did find what they had been up to. In the safety area beyond undershoot 01, about 1000m from the office and workshop areas , had been stealing trees. This is a common practice. They had chopped down about 20 small trees in the area and started to pile up the 'sticks' or thin logs, in hidden areas.

As a reward for their diligence and good airfield neighbour citizenship we loaded the sticks into the car and sent them back to their home for fire wood; to cook with and to keep them warm during these relatively chilly harmattan nights.

We will further reward them with some clearing contracts on the airfield in the coming weeks.

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