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Monday, January 23, 2012

The most colorful visitors to Kpong arrive by air

The dry, black and brown terrain that is dulled by the dust hanging in the air (the worst Harmattan I have ever seen), is broken by the amazing colours of birds.  This time of year the migratory birds come by to brighten our day.  This Brown Hooded Kingfisher sits on the fence almost waiting for the morning movements and its swift display of blue, white and red to brighten the moment -seemingly just for us.  Getting these pictures was a challenge - since he is camera shy!  But not as shy as the elusive Gonolek, bright red chest and golden head flashing in and out of the trees and shrubs - making a LOT of noise!  There is one bird that is always ready to watch follow you, and that is the Senegalese Coucal... seen here (with some white Cattle Egrets) inspecting some of the building work towards the end of last year... Perhaps we should give him a job!

The hidden colours and delights of these birds is no different to the hidden wonders of the rural communities we are trying to reach - they have so much that is just waiting to be discovered, if only we can find the way and get approvals to reach out and help them spread their wings in a safe and healthy manner - a step closer towards greater socio-economic developments and sustainability.  

I am sure that the colours of our Zenith CHxxx birds of aluminium are as inspiring to the folks of the villages as much as these birds are to us... 

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