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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Captains Log, year 2012, day 2. Masons return.

There I was sitting on the porch, already 10 minutes past the start of the working day - alone, totally alone, no masons, no workers. Not a good start. Then they arrived and 30 minutes behind the planned departure for the job, the work began. I was expecting some sort of Klingon attack from Star Trek - that was how I was prepared for the day. But I got the chaps together and explained the 'target' system. They were not really even starting to get the idea at the end of last year. My sore throat is testament to that....

Target for this week is 1,200 blocks. These are heavy sandcrete blocks. If they hit it, we can cast the lintel on B3 next week. We have extras, and we have changed the 'method of engagement' and we trust that the system will work.

By midday they looked good. By mid afternoon we only had 2 mistakes in the laying - both relatively easily corrected (my fault - I went to service a genset...)

As I type it is past closing time and they are on target... just... to make lintel height on B3 and windsill height on B4 this week.... of course, we are ready for some other attacks from the Romulans or perhaps the Borg.... Much as I would like to flip open my communication device and call 'Beam me up Scotty', I realise that the transporter beams are down, and we have to make it.... for this is life, as we know it!

Live long and prosper!!!

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