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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Mini clinic/training facility layout

As people have visited the physical site of B3/4 - the first DEDICATED MoM building structure ever, as well as those who are regular visitors from around the world, I get asked 'what will the rooms be used for?

Well, let us look at the rooms. Each room is 4m x 4m (13' x 13') and each bathroom is 2m x 3m (6'6'' x 10'). The porches are 2m x 2m (6'6'' x 6'6'').

The end room is the mini-Clinic - it will contain the nurses desk (yes we hope to get a nurse in the near future on a full time basis - would you like to volunteer for a year as a nurse?), medicine cabinets (from antiseptic cream upwards), dressings trolley (for aseptic dressings procedures), sink, sharps/medical waste bin, examination light and the examination/treatment bed. Remember this is for Trauma cases and dressing changes. Our biggest challenge is cuts and accidents - the minor ones (without lots of blood loss) will be able to be handled here very soon. It will also be used for training - we need to teach HOW to clean a wound - even just a scratch or a bite - THAT IS THE SOURCE OF SO MANY ISSUES - it is so simple that most organisations are not even touching on this area - and it is the basis of so much. This room has an optional sloped entrance for stretcher or wheelchair access or access if the training room is in use.

Next up is the 'Clinic WC' - it has a shower and toilet with a wash hand basin.

Training room - we hope to have seating for about 10 people (although a lot training will be done in the open air facilities elsewhere on the airfield) and to have some CBT (Computer Based Training) facilities. We hope to have a large screen on the wall so that we can show documentaries and other aids to training - perhaps as much for training the trainers as the people who come in from the villages for training! The training room will double up as a 'common room' in the evenings for volunteers, visitors and/or residential trainees. In a squeeze we can also sleep 2 people in the training room.

This room is normally accessed from the Porch - which is a 'mosquito and Mud control zone'!

Next up is another WC!

Visitor/Trainee Accommodation will be for volunteers as well as for groups we bring in on a residential training. It holds 6 beds (3 sets of bunk beds). Accessed from the Training room.

MoM Admin Office - again with its own wheelchair friendly access (in fact we are trying to put wheelchair friendly paths everywhere on the site over 2012) - starting with the accommodation and MoM offices... if you are in a wheelchair do not think that stops you volunteering in Africa - we are getting ready for you! (of course we may also have wheelchair bound students in the future or have a patient in the mini-clinic who needs to be moved by wheelchair too.)

Finally, MoM Staff Accommodation: The hard-working MoMmers need somewhere to lay their heads, and to get some privacy! It is the same size as the AvTech Accommodation units, and that sense of 'team and equality' is everywhere at our place...

So, wherever you are - start planning on getting out here - we are ready to receive you! Pending the completion of the above, we have created a 'visitor pad' by blocking off one end of the girls hostel - it will be ready next week! (Masons Permitting!)

Did you know we get people reading about us and contacting us from all over the world : Iceland, Australia, Beverly Hills, Philipines, Iowa (yes even Iowa), Missouri, London, Paris, Canada, and a lot a lot of other places - THANK YOU ALL FOR READING - please send us a little a little 'Hi' to capt.yaw@gmail.com and a few words about what you like about reading about MoM - and we will send you one of our soon to be announced 'MoM Health Bracelets' - a bracelet that tells a sad story with a potentially happy ending!


  1. I am absolutely amazed how fast these buildings went up. Congratulations! They look wonderful and you will be able to do so much with them.
    Way to go, team!

  2. I don't think I'll be able to recognize anything when I next come to Kpong - you have completely changed the landscape. How on earth do you do all this with so few resources??? :)