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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Captains Log (or is it B-log) Year 2012, day 12

The masons missed their targets - so we are now behind schedule. Nonetheless, today we hope to cast the corner and intermediate pillars - and to get the window and door frames made up. The tree was cut, the wood made to 2'' x 6'' ready, and Mr Solo has it cut to lengths of the frames - but we still need to cut the iron for the bars on the windows (a security device since we use louvre frames) and do the undercoat paining prior to installation. The masons should cast all the pillars today, and most of the windows and doors get constructed.... that means tomorrow we can fit the window and door frames, lift the already made lintel iron work into position and fix up the form-work for the lintel iteself. Next weeks target is to complete all block work (three courses of blocks, pitch formed for the single pitch roof) on B3/4 - the accommodation/training/mini-clinic building and we will then be ready to 'raise the roof'!

Phasers are set to stun, and we still need some help from the Federation of MoM supporters to get that roofing covered and the building completed! Help us to change lives, one flight and one Mason at a time...

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