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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Captains Blog: 2012 day 14

Yesterday, despite falling behind schedule, we did get most of the window and door frames made up, painted, steel bar inserted and some fitted.  We managed to teach one Mason (Amos, sometimes called 'Amos-quito') how to give the Vulcan (remember Spok?) spilt hand salute. In the TV series Star Trek, this salute was often accompanied by the phrase 'Live Long and Prosper' or Dif-tor heh smusma in Vulcan. How appropriate in our social challenge, with life expectancy still below 64 years and prosperity a rare thing, we clearly need to find a way to ensure that the people we work with here really do 'live long and prosper'.

It is a real struggle to get this building up - and we taken some short term loans to move it forward.  Much as though it is a lot of effort and a strain on our resources, as well as needing a lot of inspection, encouragement and generally chasing to get done, we believe it is essential in our outreach.   B3/4 -Accommodation-Training-Mini-Clinic will be instrumental in that effort.  Having realised that we are simply not sufficiently funded to do all the things we would like to do, nor to reach all the people we can physically see but not get to as we fly over the challenge areas, we needed to develop a more pragmatic approach - and B3/4 is key to that.

We hope to gain approval in the coming weeks to begin a bag-drop campaign.  In that campaign we will be creating greater awareness of the 'basic health rules', namely 'Wash your hands, don't drink unfiltered water, don't bathe in infected water, use a latrine (or at least do not defecate or urinate in a way that will get back into your drinking and bathing water).  B3/4 will soon be coming into its own as the operational HQ and action centre for MoM!

If you would like to support B3/4 please let us know - we still need support to pay back loans and to complete the building...

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