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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tony, a volunteer making a difference

One of the nice parts of having a volunteer at the site here in Kpong, is that they provide a different view and blog perspective. Having Tony around this month is such a boon, he accepts any task thrown at him, and then goes on to find five more (remember he has been here before, used to live in Ghana, and knows the ropes!).

We enjoy all the volunteers who come here and grasp the concepts, seeking the things that stimulate them and, of course, 'hanging with the gang' - spending time with the girls listening to their questions, sharing culture and concepts - especially in relation to flying and health; as well as with Patricia and I in regards to the management of the place and how we can improve on our systems (and giving us a needed break from the 'constant pressures'). Clearly, in the discussions there are areas that we agree on, and others that we discuss - and that is wonderful - it provides insight and the outcomes can be varied. Sometimes there is opportunity for change here, other times a change in understanding on the part of the visitor - open minds on both sides is key to success! The main thing that we love about having volunteers is the chance to share - share ideas, share challenges, share workload, share ice-cream (the biggest treat on the site!) and share a smile on movie night in the Data Centre!

The girls movie night this week was 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines', and just as the film started, a visitor arrived on the site. Patricia and I had to leave the room, knowing that Tony would able to explain the idosyncrocies of the movie (it is not easy to just show a film, without some explanations, or misunderstandings and confusion can and do occur).

From flying to engineering, helping with computer training and CBT, preparing materials, accounts entries, office work, presentations, working with the girls as they do their SDS (Self Directed Study) or just chatting to the visitors - 'the volunteer' opportunity is a great two way exchange that helps to grow our operations as well as to grow the experiences of the volunteer! We will have fresh volunteer opportunities next year - and if it interests you, drop us a line - let us start exploring and making sure that this is the best place for you - so that it is a positive two way experience...

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