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Friday, October 19, 2012

Medicine on the Move opens Mini-Clinic at Kpong Airfield

On Saturday, 13th October 2012, we had a very exciting event: the opening of the ‘Helen Himsworth Mini-Clinic”. Helen Himsworth, who sadly passed away last week, along with her husband, Paul, and their children has been a wonderful supporter of MoM, and we deeply miss her.

The mini-clinic will function as a care facility for our AvTech students and local community and also as a training facility for first aid of non-life-threatening trauma. A number of very distinguished guests joined us in the celebration, and Dr Seth Fiadoyor, representing the Chief Executive of the Volta River Authority, from the VRA Hospital at Akosombo performed the ribbon-cutting to great cheers.

Prior to the ribbon-cutting, Patricia led the group in a tour of the aviation facilities. She also did a hugely impressive demo of bag drop from her aircraft flying at 200 feet in front of the excited audience with Lydia as Drop Master. The AvTech Academy girls, Beatrice, Juliet, and Lydia and put on a skit where they demonstrated their prowess in treating a well-simulated deep cut on Beatrice’s arm. The clinic has already been used to deal with a couple of minor issues among the girls and members of the local community. We see that there is real value in having this facility as it provides an environment conducive to not only ‘fixing’ a problem but it also provides a calm environment where the patient receives good care as well as a thorough dose of appropriate health care education! There is a large multiplier effect as this knowledge spreads throughout our rural communities.

Some of the guests spoke, and their very encouraging words showed the deep support that is developing in Ghana for the work of Medicine on the Move. We are looking forward to some potential long-term collaboration with a major hospital as well as other exciting new opportunities with local health organisations, as we join hands in order to changes more lives one flight at a time.

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