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Monday, October 29, 2012

Practising for Emergencies

After a lot of rain in the past two week, we finally had a flying day today with some customers coming for their lessons at WAASPS.

A little communications problem in the control tower staffed by the AvTech students was an excuse for an impromptu exercise in emergency preparedness. The pilot called out the emergency code, and the AvTech girls and Patricia piled into a ground vehicle on the apron ready for action. Fortunately their expertise was not required, as the aircraft landed safely.

During the debrief, everyone present discussed the communications issue, the possible causes and how to avoid the communications problem in future. Suddenly, the esteemed “Boss” fell onto on the bench writhing in agony and uttering strange 115.3 dB cries, reminding us of an orangutan drowning in a barrel of honey. A perfect opportunity for the girls to practice their best first aid bedside manner. Then Patricia showed us how it should really be done.

The poor patient was unable to maintain his orangutan imitation for very long as he, along with everyone else dissolved into peals of laughter! Kpong Airfield is a place of fun, teasing and laughter!

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