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Monday, October 22, 2012

Flying Weekends at Kpong Airfield

Flying weekends are so amazing when visitors come for their trial flights, or their flight lessons with WAASPS. These weekends are of course important revenue generators for WAASPS which allows the company to fund the Avtech Academy as well as Medicine on the Move in an ever more sustainable manner. Some licensed pilots come to hire an aircraft and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ghana. I’ve experienced three of these weekends at Kpong (one on 2007 and two during my current stay), and there is always such a wonderful mix of people. The AvTech girls on duty staff the tower in a very professional manner (except for the very occasional giggle). The girls are self-confident as they work with visitors, and occasionally use their authority to request a visitor to obey a rule. At the airfield we are all safety conscious and we respect the voice of authority – no matter whether it is from a 15 year old young AvTech girl who came from a local village or a more mature (and occasionally brusque!) British gentleman.

We have fascinating conversations with our visitors who come from all walks of life. While watching airplanes take off and land, and while eating Mavis’ great food, we discuss rural development, air drop systems for health materials, mobile technologies, aviation and global economics - in fact, we are solving the problems of the planet! Kpong Airfield is indeed a global meeting place.

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