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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One door closes, and another opens....

It is in that light we have decided to withdraw completely from the Fulani Camp outreach. The reasons are many and complex, and we are sad to take such a decision, but we have explained it to the community leaders and they realise that they have moved forwards, they have changed their ideas and they have gained. We remain on positive terms with them, but from a distance.

As always in all parts of the world, there are many reasons, most of which mean nothing to those who are not in the thick of it all and trying to explain it all often only leads to greater misunderstanding!

We believe that the people of the community will take the contact that they have had and use it positively and powerfully as they move on to new pastures and new projects. We also look forward to channelling our energy and resources into some exciting new areas, knowing that we have made a difference and have opened eyes, ears and minds to learning and health.

Others wishing to pick up where we have left off will have a good foundation, and we wish such folks well. However, we know that we must channel our energies in more wide reaching ways and will be announcing some exciting new developments in the coming months.

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