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Friday, October 26, 2012

National Youth Achievers Award

Last night Patricia was honored by the Nation of Ghana with one of the first 'National Youth Achievers Award' (youth in this case is classified as 15 - 35 years), along with film stars, Movie directors, footballers, paralympians, business and other achievers - but she was the only pilot amongst them! Patricia was recognized for her commitment to young people and health in AvTech and Medicine on the Move. President John Mahama is Patron of the system, and was present throughout, congratulating and shaking each young persons hand and encouraging them to lead by example for the young people of Ghana to make the country a better place today.

The event, a sort of 'Oscars for Young Achievers' was fantastically choreographed at the National Conference Center. The Award itself is very beautiful - and very heavy, and has been shared back with the team at Kpong, since Patricia insists that 'we must all share in this'.

In addition to the award there were some other gifts, including a laptop computer, which Patricia immediately donated to the Data Center to help compliment the equipment there.

Medicine on the Move, and all that happens at Kpong, extend warmest congratulations to Patricia, who in turn has asked that ALL those supporting the work at Kpong should consider themselves a part of this award.

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