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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The best laid plans…….

Of course we plan our activities ahead of time, but so often, something unexpected happens.

A few days ago, the water tap in kitchen started spraying water: I had to cancel plans for office work, writing blogs etc. We cannibalized a water tap from a bathroom that had no water yet, and after removing the entire sink, were able to get it fixed. 2 hours.

Today, the grass areas needed to be mowed before the expected rain, but in time for the three-day holiday weekend which would be an important revenue-producing weekend for WAASPS.

Unfortunately, with the big storm two days ago, the soil was still too wet to support the weight of tractor mower, so we needed to use the push mower. Now we discovered that the motor mounts were completely broken, plus the rocker cover had a hole. We spent almost 3 hours fixing this, and now Lelle was able to get the apron area mowed before today’s rain came.

Things constantly break down here with the harsh environment – the heat, the vibrations from bad roads, the insect nests, the harmattan dust, the UV radiation from the sun that breaks down plastics much more quickly than in temperate climates. It doesn’t help that imported products (especially plumbing fixtures) are often of such low quality, that might as well be guaranteed to break within a short period!

All this means that while planning is a fun exercise in Kpong, the best laid plans may never happen!

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed, you actually know how to use tools. lol