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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Water on the field... almost

In the seemingly never ending quest for a solution to water - we are making progress.... As of TODAY, we have a nearly finished water tower (many thanks go to Sintex for the donation of the water tank), and now have a pipe under the road to within a few metres of the main water line. This is progress - but it has taken us the installation of nearly 500m of underground pipes to get this far - for we operate on an airfield, and as such everything is far apart - it is a simple necessity... The water line is now run from the water tower to the accommodation units and under the runway to the toilet blocks and kitchens.... we even have a line to the workshops - which will facilitate many of our activities - including keeping our hands clean!! The girls worked hard in burying the line to the accommodation, and all got nicely dirty in the team spirit that we so enjoy! Currently the Water Authorities are 'delaying' but we are sure that within a few months we will be connected.... and what a pleasure that will be!

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