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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paying it Forward

Submitted by Capt Yaw

Lydia continues to make progress. However, we are trying to get the hand surgery done, but the hospital is not responding to our requests even for a meeting to discuss it. We presume that they are so busy that elective surgery is not an option at this point, which we understand, but all the same we need to make progress BEFORE she finishes growing and thus improve her chances of maximising the post-operative success...

All of this sits in my mind and challenges me; the option of using a different hospital and team is high on my thought list. It reached bursting point when, on Saturday, Lydia asked to talk to me. The dialogue went like this...

Lydia: Dad, how many people are helping me?

Me: Plenty, all over the world. Why?

Lydia: I need to know HOW many.

Me: Why?

Lydia: Dad, you told me that when somebody does something for me, then I need to do something for somebody else.

Me: Yes....

Lydia: So, HOW many people will I have to help in my life?

Me: (smiling and with a tear in my eye) Plenty..... Plenty.... Plenty....

Lydia: (with a BIG smile) OK, Dad - PLENTYYYYYY.....

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