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Friday, December 16, 2011

Coming to an airfield far far from you......Accommodations and a Clinic!!!!!!!

Pillars are now set on their starters and the concrete foundation beam laid in B3/4 also known as the 'Mini-Clinic Building'. This name is rather a big one, the building will be the new HQ for MoM. It will include quarters for Ben and Michaela, an office for MoM (currently MoM uses others facilities), two rooms with 6 beds in (each room is 4m x 4m - or 13' x 13'), bathrooms, and most most most importantly a treatment room/clinic room. That room has been needed so much here - it will have all of the necessary to treat wounds and do dressings as well as a large whiteboard for teaching purposes - for it will also be the place to teach and train on first aid and advanced first aid. The accommodation rooms will be used to bring people in to undertake residential training courses on Community Health, providing a solution that is low cost and high impact. It will also double up as crew accommodation for the rounds of teams that are expected to come to assist in the coming ETCHE and INSCI programmes around the lake. This building will soon be complete - or so we keep on telling ourselves... and the piles of stones and sand already set down are being eaten by the masons in an effort to achieve some very very tight targets - even by European or American standards - let alone African time-line standards...

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