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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Off the grid ingenuity, it's a way of life

Power systems are improving at the airfield and we hope that by the end of the year the connections to and from the new genset will be complete.... but what happens when the genset is not working? We INVERT... for pilots that is cool - and we all know that Melissa Pemberton is amazing and Inverted flight, but we are inverting the power... we charge a couple of car batteries during the genset running (basically storing excess power for nearly-free) and get a few hours of inverted low amperage but mains voltage power for the evenings - enough for power saving lights and a laptop or two - but NO big power items! One of the aims is to be able to connect a small air-conditioner to one of the new accommodation units and then, if a visitor would like air-conditioning (I hear you Sid!), they can pay to run the big gen-set overnight to run the Air Con.... so, but mid 2012, for an extra $25/night visitors who are concerned about the heat can enjoy aircon... we hope that will enable more visitors to come and participate without additing to the cost of our operations, but adding to the benefits to the people and the visitors! (if you would like to help with that, the AC unit will cost about $1200 installed.... and if you make the donation, you can have your first stay at a discounted rate!)

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