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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The final touches....

With less than a week to the start of the new girls from the north we are busy finishing as much as we can in the mini clinic. It’s really starting to look like a clinic now that we’ve moved the exam tables and beds that Mr Solo constructed into the rooms. We expect to ‘officially’ open the clinic on October 13th, but will begin using it as early as the week of August 27th. This really is now an essential facility as we increase our activity, our scope and or partnerships.

Just next door, in the same building, is the training centre, equipped with computers and a data-projector, donated through the amazing violinist, Francis Norman, and to be called ‘The Francis Norman Data Centre’ (with a Violin as a symbol). This building also houses a hostel room for up to 6 volunteers and/or community trainees to reside, in relative comfort, within the facility. It really will make a difference, especially once the aircon goes in. The data center will open for classes on September 11th. We may have our first hostel guests in September also.

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