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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spreading the word

Whist travelling to the USA, Lydia Wetsi, MoM's amazing disabled teenage health educator and student pilot, was offered the opportunity to sit left seat in a Boeing 767. Delta's Captain Mike was brilliant in sharing the larger aviation concepts with a 'smaller aviation person'. Lydia quickly realised that there is little difference between the 767 and the Zenith CH701 that she is learning to fly. Lydia was able to provide some useful health education to people attending Oshkosh 2012, Wisconsin, during her stay. She provided full details to pilots on how to use SODIS (link to the SODIS poster please) to purify river water either for camping or in survival situations. Folks from the USA, Canada and South America listened to every word coming from Lydia's mouth, as she described the simple yet effective water purification system that she has also taught many times in Ghana, and will be repeating many more times in the years to come. Joining hands across the Atlantic has boosted her confidence to speak, sharing health education - the key to a healthier, more productive and more socio-economically sustainable rural populations in West Africa.

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