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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cold is a relative thing

There is definitely something called climate change - and we are feeling it in the tropics. This weekend we were all wearing jackets - yes, jackets. The temperature remained at or below 27C/80F until around 10:30. At night all the windows are closed, and blankets are being requested. Night time temperatures are dropping below 20C (70F). Remember, most people in the rural areas have no windows to close, just an opening with a makeshift curtain or a piece of wood to block it. Blankets are not a common commodity on the market.

For many our current temperatures may not sound that cold. But here, we shiver and shake at those temperatures. (Normal day time temps are in the 30 - 38C and night time it is rare to see temps much below 23C. ) Climate change may bring the need for heating for some folks, especially the very young and very old. If this trend continues, we envisage a future programme on 'how to keep warm'.

Last night, this large storm passed to the North of us, probably the culprit for the lower temperatures and strong winds.

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