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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flames on our doorstep

I am standing at the fence line watching a fierce bush fire head for the airfield. This is the first time I am relatively calm about this seasonal menace.

Even though we now have mains water to the site, and have installed a series of ' fire points' along the fence line, today the mains is off. Not good.

Fortunately we have 3000 litres of reserve, albeit at low pressure.

However, through a great deal of effort we also have now a cleared area providing a barrier of a minimum 5 m/ 18' and all the areas around buildings on the airfield side are short cropped.

This is the minor dry season, so it is not as fierce as the february fires. The symphony of crackling grasses, exploding branches and seed pods coupled with smoke filled sky splattered with yellow and red glowing is almost beautiful when you are well prepared.

Sadly many will lose their crops and other valuable items in these fires. Our thoughts go out to our neighbours as we watch and manage our site at this time.

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