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Monday, August 27, 2012

Miss Lydia, motivated and empowered.... inspiring others

Lydia continues to make great progress. Her night braces are giving a greater angle between her forearm and hand. With this she is gaining greater control in flight in the CH701.

Here she is practicing her circuit work. It is amazing the difference flying has made to her life - the motivational effect, the need to communicate and the essential need to learn to work with her unique geometry (although we still tends to climb when turning right!).

At Oshkosh this year Lydia met a retired 747 lady pilot, barely taller than her,who told Lydia about the number of cushions she needed to use to fly the heavy metal! That gave Lydia more confidence in the use of cushions in the cockpit!

Also at Oshkosh, she enjoyed spending time with Jessica Cox (the no-arm pilot and wonder-motivational-speaker) as well as meeting other disabled pilots boosted her confidence.

To those who supported this life changing trip for Lydia, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

Lydia will be doing her duties in the mini-clinic soon, sharing her story with others who come into our facilities in need of the most simple yet effective health education and wound management that many people around the world simply take for granted.

Lydia is an inspiration to us all, but most of all she inspires the parents of others to take better care of wounds similar to those of her legacy, and to prevent others suffering as she has and will for the rest of her life.

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