With your help the people of West Africa have "a chance, not only to change their own lives and their own destinies, but to change the future of an entire generation".

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Building towards the future

People often wonder how wide the vision is at Kpong Airfield.... well, it is wide - and it all has a purpose. Here is the field plan - and you can see the planned future developments - many of which are many years away - but all are part of the bigger picture. Dreams become Visions and Visions become Plans and from the Plans can a reality be grown...

The areas in RED are far away, but EVERYTHING on this map was RED just SEVEN years ago. This month marks seven years from breaking ground - and it is a long way to have come. Seeing how light aviation can seamlessly integrate into a rural health development programme in a sustainable manner and with job creation and training as an integral part.

Thank you to all who embraced the dream, built on the vision, helped with the plans and then the realisation of the plans to this point. Together we can look to the next seven years and know that there are many more challenges ahead.

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