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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SODIS .. it's working

Submitted by Michaele

An interesting discussion was held during the women's session at the Fulani Camp yesterday. We had finished the literacy session and were discussing some of the health education topics and demonstrations that have been held, when Audrey was curious about actual use of the information. She asked if any of the ladies had tried the SODIS method for water disinfection or could provide a little bit of feedback. At first we were a little disappointed as it seems that Amina and Alai's family are the only ones to have tried it thus far, but when Amina shared her experiences with SODIS and the difference it had made for her family, we couldn't help but be reminded that things are changed one life at a time. Amina explained that they like the taste of the SODIS water so much that they use it for cooking as well, and since they've been drinking it, their family has seen a marked decrease in tummy troubles like diarrhea! Some of the other ladies in class had been absent for the SODIS demonstration and followed the conversation by asking her to show them later how to do it for their families as well. We are so glad to be able to have provided an option that helps improve the quality of life for even just one family, but it is extra encouraging when you see how that one family begins to share their successes and inspire others!

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