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Saturday, June 23, 2012

9G ZAF.. Upgrade time

Submitted by Capt Yaw

Work is under way to improve 9G ZAF, also known as 'the mission aircraft'. We are working on a number of improvement and hope to share with you very soon the new specifications of our lead aircraft for aerial supply work. As part of the upgrade we are installing many more sensors - however, not all sensors come with 'Africa in mind' and therefore specific protective solutions need to be developed. (This is just phase one of a number of planned improvement to our operational potential).

For the new pressure/temp sensor we are installing, we all felt that a 'cage' would be necessary to protect the 'business end' from insects and other critters (spiders are particularly troublesome with such sensors)! A few off the wall ideas were thrown around and then Patricia asked to be given a completely free hand to design and develop the sensor cage. We like to give people a free hand where practical and the ability to explore their potential, and gave her the go ahead. A couple of hours later she produced an excellent, functional and elegant solution. After inspection and appropriate testing it was permitted to be installed in the aircraft.
Well done Patricia!

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