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Sunday, June 17, 2012

First aid lessons

Submitted by Michaela Sholes

The girls and I spent our time during the MoM class reviewing their demonstrations for the training and fine-tuning their presentation of the material. I know this blog will seem similar to those who read the blog from last week, but I did want to share just just how well they are doing in their understanding and applications of first aid skills. Before, Lydia understood the importance of cleaning a wound properly, but now she can go into detail about not drowning a wound in alcohol, the meaning of the word "topical" and using tweezers and a piece of gauze or cotton to clean from the edge of a wound going outwards. Before, Emmanuella knew that it was important to keep an injured or fractured arm still, but now she knows that you should stabilize both the joint above the break and the joint below and can describe why it is important to keep checking CSM's. At the end of our class, we watched some videos of "professionals" performing the demonstrations we had just reviewed and Juliet was simply outraged that a paramedic was cleaning a burn and handling sterile materials without gloves! I had to smile..."

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