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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our AERO Friedrichshafen adventure

Our recent tour in Europe, where we were actively fund raising at AERO Friedrichshafen for support for
aerial supply into the Afram Plains and explaining what we do as we met with other partners in development of sustainable light aviation for humanitarian purposes in West Africa. We managed to raise support for an estimated 200 - 300 drops, and created much greater awareness of our various areas of endeavour. For the record, the travel was varied.... we

Flew KLM to Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Flew Swiss to Zurich (Switzerland)

Drove from Zurich to Friedrischshafen (Germany) (thanks to Franz)

Drove, Bus and Trained for the week at Aero (thanks to John and Marlys)

Drove to Wels in Austria, then on to Salzburg (thanks to Onni and Angelika)

Rode the Train/Drove to Oldenburg (thanks to John, Onni and Joerg)

Flew the R90 and SR20 to Juist (thanks to Joerg and Friends)

Emmanuella and Lydia flew Motor Gliders (for the first time) on the Island of Juist (thanks to Jubi-Juist and Joerg)

Flew back in the R90 and C172 (again, thanks to Joerg and Friends)

Drove to Hamburg (thanks to Joerg and Francis)

Flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt (Germany)

Flew Lufthansa (Privateair) to Accra (Ghana, home!)

In total we slept in 5 different locations (often for just a few short hours) excluding the plane and train sleeping components.... and yes, we are still tired!

However, it was a very positive trip where we met with hundreds of people at AERO, provided 2 forum presentations, Lydia met with a hand surgeon about potential function improvement, and we also spent valuable time with partners in development including Rotax, Stock Flight Systems, Peszke, Red Bull Media, Jubi-Juist, Airbus and others.

The results of this trip will hopefully lead to greater awareness of the challenges and successes we enjoy in West Africa, new partnerships and a resultant greater outreach to the rural people of West Africa, as well as providing cultural and skills exchanges with our partners in a dynamic and organic manner as we explore the possibilities raised during this very hectic 12 day tour. Yes, just 12 days!

For all of you who have helped to make this a reality, through your valuable time, funds and other support, we thank you. We are still not confirmed for our trip to Oshkosh (late July/early August), and would like to hear if you would be interested in supporting the trip and helping out if we took a small stand there too?

If you would like to get more involved with the amazing developments and changes to lives, positively and sustainably, that is the hallmark of our activities, please drop us a line at info@medicineonthemove.org

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