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Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet Mabel

Mavis, our site catering queen has a new assistant, Mabel. Mabel was one of the disabled students from our recent disabled fly me day event.

Mabel is for all intents and purposes totally deaf. Although we get the occasional glimpse of some sort of sound appreciation, until we can arrange testing and potentiallly some form of hearing aid, communications are limited.

Mavis, however, has spent time learning how to communicate with Mabel and spent time with her family. Mabel does not know how to sign, yet her family have invented their own system. ... which Mavis is learning.

Mabel works only weekends, for the moment, until we can afford to give her a full time job. We hope to be at the point of making that a reality by the middle of August.

Today Mavis (left) taught Mabel (right) how to pump diesel for the site generator.

Changing lives comes in many forms and we are pleased to say that Mabel is clearly discovering positive changes here at Kpong Airfield.

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