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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Community feed back

Submitted by Michaela Sholes

I felt like a kid at Christmas following the last training session from the plethora of evaluation forms provided by the communities! It was our first opportunity to begin putting some numbers to what we've done and get an idea of the community-level impact. In each health education drop, we included an attendance and feedback form for the local health volunteer to complete and bring to the next training session. So, in an ideal situation, we would have had 3 completed forms for each of the communities. As in any program however, we hit a few snags, but overall we had a good response rate. Not all the communities completed all 3 of the forms, but the available attendance and feedback reports were positive! Over 2,000 individuals across the communities were reached through meetings initiated by the local health volunteers and the Queen Mothers! Over the course of the diarrhea, schistosomiasis, and malaria bag drops, attendance at the meetings ranged from 2100-2500!

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