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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Children are the Future

Sunbitted By Michaela Sholes

I recently received a call from one of the community health reps with some interesting news.

Amongst our exchange of stories, anecdotes, and health education questions, he told me a story about a situation where there were group of children in his village playing on the banks of Lake Volta. Like many days in Ghana, it was very hot. As a result, the children decided that they would take a dip in the cool (well, at least cooler) water of the lake. However, upon executing the plan, one of the little boys in the group reminded the others in the group that they had a meeting a little while earlier explaining the dangers of swimming in the lake as it will likely result in contracting schistosomiasis.

 "Weren't you at the meeting? Did you not hear that if you swim in the lake the disease will pain you?"

While we can teach these concepts over and over about safe health practices, it is ultimately up to the people to make their own decisions. And, while the adults have developed their own opinions and routines, it seems the children, like in many aspects of life, could be the key to beginning sustainable change over time. Nonetheless, child or adult, we are happy to hear that there are some that are affected by our efforts.

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