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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Come Fly with me.....

One of the keys to the rolling programme of ETCHE drops is the monitoring and selection we have done over the past years. Ever since flights in 1994, long before MoM was officially born, our members have been inspired and motivated by the rural dwellers of Ghana. The past few years has seen a great deal of documentation - creating records where maps do not provide detail or are inaccurate to say the least.

During the training on Monday, a competition in relation to 'Diarrhoea Diaries' (records of diarrhoea as a method of measure of improvements in water and santiation in the community). The prize is an aerial photo of their community (more than one community may win a prize).

Onni and Angelika, visitors from Germany, supported a 'photo-surveillance flight' to obtain up to date aerial images of these communities. Normally, on a drop run, we are too low to obtain a full image, barely reaching 600' above ground level. For the photo flights we need around 1500' - 2000' to obtain the community image required. Onni flew 9G ZAF with me on the camera, whilst Angelika was flown by Patricia in 9G ZKT - a chance to see the places that the people came from from a higher plane, so to speak!

Would you like to sponsor an ETCHE series for one of these communities? Please visit our 'ETCHE page' at http://www.medicineonthemove.org/index.php/projects/etche and change lives with us, one flight at a time...

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