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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Turbine Update

May 5, 2011

Submitted by Mathew Porter
Well, updates on the turbine! We had put it up a few weeks ago (did we blog that? Can't see any!?) on a 6 metre pole. It was doing OK, but not spinning much - we cut down some trees stopping it spinning around it, and made some adjustements on the turbine, as recommended by Matthew Luthi, the inventor - lowering the base to change the pitch of the blades, making them spin better in lower winds. It has been doing OK - in the sense that it has been spinning - but has been needing a bit more height and some guidelines. 

The 90 knots winds the had the other night decided for us that it was time to change the pole! But guess what?! The wind turbine is intact - no damage at all - good field test for the turbine! So Francis was around, and helped me to cut it out. But haven't been able to find the right size pole to sleeve it and increase the height a bit more. Annoying that. So on look out for right sized pole, or, more likely, innovative solution to get about 2-3 m more, with guidelines!

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