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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fulani school update - one child registered in the local school!

Posted by Cindy Gracelyn Yeboah 

I would like say a big thank you to Mr. Martin Hiles for his generous support to the Fulani school and to all who have contributed in their own small ways to support the Fulani project both in words and in deeds your efforts are very much appreciated.

This Monday was another great day at the Fulani school for myself, Cindy and Audrey. The turn up was good 23 out of 29 students were present and 6 were absent. The class was again split into two-the young ones practiced the writing of the alphabets and learnt some rhymes. The other class also learnt some phonics and how to put two words together.

One of the women, Asamau’s mother, who promised to be part of the school did not turn up. Upon enquiries we learnt that she left to the city to sell. This is another challenge for MOM because this whole idea of the educational center in the Fulani community is to get the women involved so that they can in turn transfer whatever knowledge they acquire from the center to their younger ones

You will all remember we have been talking about getting 3 of the children registered in the local school where they can get full time education.

Well, we got Elias registered in Akuse Primary after yesterday’s session at the Fulani school! We were not able to get the other two, Asamau and her sister, registered because both parents were not in the house though they’ve already been given prior notice.  

After Elias  was assessed, the teacher in charge decided that he should be enrolled in primary class 3. This we believe is a big progress to the Fulani school.

One major challenge we faced at the school during Elias registration was the asking of money at every stage of the registration. We were even asked to pay an amount of Ghc1.00 for his exam paper. Meanwhile Elias' dad who is unemployed and finds it hard to make ends meet has openly said that so long as he is not going to be bothered with money about his son's education then he is going to give his full support. but if he constantly is going to be bothered with monetary issues then he can not make it.  

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