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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Traveling to Techiman

Submitted by Erin Nolan
We started out the next journey knowing we had a rough travel day ahead. Our vehicle issues were not over yet. Over the weekend we realized our fuel gauge was the latest victim. We monitored our distance very close and we started out very early in order to make it before the afternoon heat set in. As the sun began to rise we came up on an accident that wasn’t there when we drove to Mole and its contents were still on the street indicating it wasn't long since it happened.

Just another indication that the infrastructure is in bad need of repair and that aviation would only benefit everyone around this great country. We continued along this tough stretch of road and It saddens me to report that my liver was nowhere in sight and I actually think this road got the best of me again by stealing a kidney on the last bounce out onto tarmac road! On the brighter side we knew the worst of the roads were behind us and we SHOULD only see tarmac roads on the rest of our trip. Along our route we stopped to see the Kintampo Falls, another beautiful natural treasure that Ghana has to offer. I give a warning though, the washroom looked like a crime scene I am 100% sure that no one has stepped a foot in there to clean in years. It seems our entry fees aren’t going to good use and a clean tree and baby wipes were again my savior!

There were different stages to the falls so the guide walked us through all three stages from bottom to top.

It seemed this tour was very strenuous on our guide because as we were walking out the gate he was taking his post under a tree for an afternoon nap.

After 285km of dodging one pot hole after another along the “tarmac” road we arrived in Techiman without disaster just a little sweat. Our first stop was at the Owen School to plan for our activities in the morning. This place is special for Juliet she used to be a student here and was chosen from a previous fly-me day back at the airfield. Juliet was so happy to be visiting her family and friends and had a smile on her face for the entire visit.

Our accommodations were generously offered to us by Bill Owen and his wife Ayisatu. They were kind enough to have us all in their home for the next three nights. I immediately noticed that their home was no ordinary home. I guess I would describe it as a compound because not only did they have a house, but children they have taken in who don’t have any support, and an entire school all within the walls of their home. Bill was out of town so I had the pleasure of spending time with his thoughtful and caring wife. She made our stay comfortable and I was impressed by her strength and dedication to her community.

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