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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fulani School gets a roof

Submitted by Mathew Porter
A bit more than two weeks after the sticks went in, the work of the roof began today! The guys at the camp found an old roof lying around - as least 15 years old - that had been made with a very hard and strong tropical hardwood, called Odonta in the vernacular, and made with real galvanised roofing sheets - very thick - and most of the wood is still usuable. So they took it apart, and eventually carried it there last night, once we had organised to borrow WAASPS' amazing carpenter, Mr. Solo for the morning. We wanted a proper job done, and there is only one man I know who can turn a stick hut into a fortress that and that is Mr. Solo. He didn't let us down!

Mr. Solo is the only guy I know who puts a beam plate on neem sticks!

Not all the Fulanis were around this morning - Alai's father had had a cow stolen during the night, so they were off from early morning trying to track it, unsuccessfully... Within an hour though, they had gotten quite far...

However, the wood was only sufficient for the beams, not the pearlings. Mr. Solo was also able to remove two of the centre sticks, giving us more space inside...

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