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Monday, September 23, 2013

Women of Worth

This week saw the beginning of a new and exciting motivational and inspirational campaign aimed at the young women of Ghana. The dynamic young men behind Wolfpack Entertainment, a relatively young Ghanaian creative company that focus on unearthing and exhibiting talent in the youth, found that young women lacked positive role models, and set about establishing the ‘Women of Worth’ campaign.

The campaign promotes and celebrates 10 young pioneering Ghanaian women for their passionate work, and their contribution towards youth inspiration. The team decided to make creative use of monochrome images on a black background – and it works to provide images that are both striking and engaging.

This week, the Wolfpack Woman of Worth is Christal Beeko previously known as Christal Jeanne), well known for her promotion of Ghanaian entrepreneurship and social outreach through her e-TV show ‘Be Bold’.

The team hopes to work with the women from the Women of Worth series in related outreach programmes, including school speaking events and seminars, reminding us all that Ghanaian girls and women are worth investing in!

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