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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woman of Worth Patricia Mawuli

She literally walked out of the bush, from her mud and thatch home, just six years ago, and asked for a job at Kpong Airfield. Starting by clearing trees, digging out roots and stones in order to hand carve runways for the light aircraft at Kpong, she went on to build several aircraft and become the first woman in the world to receive iRMT certification for working on Rotax Aircraft Engines. That is not the only first she has up her overalls sleeve! She was the first woman to be issued the Ghana National Pilots licence and is also the first female flying instructor at Kpong Airfield. She has not only built aircraft - she has also flown one around Ghana!

Patricia is a volunteer pilot with Medicine on the Move, providing health education materials by air to rural communities and the founder and Principal of the AvTech Academy, teaching young women from the rural communities in engineering, aviation, rural airfield management and health matters. Patricia teaches in the workshops as well as in the sky. She is at home with a welding hood on as she is with a headset! in the cockpit.

 Patricia is dedicated to providing opportunities for young rural women who have ability, determination and character, but often lack the resources to step out and step up. Patricia makes it clear that she has had to work hard, very hard, to get to where she is - and she has not stopped - she has plans to fly one of the planes she has built to Germany!

Patricia started with nothing but her own dreams and ambitions. With no money to invest, she invested her hard work, sweat, tears and perseverance That self-investment has paid off. As she says 'I have discovered that the difference between success and failure is hard work and determination' - and she should know - for she has broken the mould and set a trail in the sky for other young women to follow towards their individual successes.

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