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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Woman of Worth Ama K Abebrese

The Women of Worth inspirational series from Wolfpack takes on Ama K Abebrese, the award

winning actress, presenter and producer. Although she started in the UK with the BBC, she heard the call of the Motherland, and returned to Ghana in 2009. Her return home is one that inspires in itself, as does her recognition in the 'ETV 100 Most Influential Ghanaian Personalities' in 2011 and 2012!

She has won a host of awards, but the most important to date must be having been chosen as a 'Woman of Worth' to inspire others, along with her message of 'Be a woman of substance, let your inner beauty shine from within. Have a great attitude in all that you do, and be defiant to negativity. Positivity is key in life.'

We all look forward to seeing more of these selected role models actively making a difference in the lives of our young women, and to seeing those that they inspire surpass the role models in the future!

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