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Monday, September 2, 2013

Student becomes teacher

Patricia takes the baton over on more and more of the teaching at Kpong Airfield. This morning she
took five young people flying, and this afternoon she is going over the theory behind flight.

Using flight and aviation as a motivational medium for Science Technology Mathematics and Engineering is the basis of how we trian our youngsters at Kpong.

The wonderful thing is that the airfield has such a range of activities and skills that help us to create rounded youngsters.

Some people get confused by thinking that our purpose is to train young people as pilots. That is only a bonus. The primary aim is to give them a better outlook on life, personal confidence, intellectual growth, environmental responsibility, better understanding of health matters, a maintenance mentality and above all the steps towards independence.

If a youngster demonstrates the personal responsibility and potential we are prepared to support them to towards the Ghana National Licence.

For many achieving that licence may be just a challenge and for some it may not be suitable. All the same just a few hours of flight experience can change a persons outlook on so many things and aspects of their lives.

We are always going to be limited in what we can achieve, and the youngsters are limited by their own efforts, attitudes and preparedness to make the necessary efforts and sacrifices to reach their goal.

It is a privilege to work with many of these youngsters and a greater pleasure to see that our investment in training Patricia has resulted in such an able and inspirational leader for current and future programmes.

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