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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We’re so happy Ben and Michaela are here we sent them on a Valentine Cruse

OK not really.......

Ben and Michaela set sail last night (Monday) for the North.  Hand carrying five Scholarship letters for the Kete Krachi girls for their entry to the AvTech Academy and the first steps on their way to becoming future MoM pilot/engineers... We made the ferry with seconds to spare, Michaela waving from the deck as they were casting off and sailing out from Akosombo Port.  On this trip they will be assessing the potential for health education to the 'captive' audience of the ferry on its four to six knot journey that will run day and night until they get back on Friday...  Internet access will be limited, but we hope that they will post something from their trip - if not wait for an amazing account upon their return!

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