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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miss Lydia and the 701...

Lydia finally got her first lesson in the CH701 - the key aircraft to be used for the bag-drop campaigns, starting soon. Lydia can reach all the controls in the 701 - but she needs to increase the control level of her (disabled) right arm. Being used to using her right arm for throttle work in the X-Air, the changes are many, but she is doing well. The best part for me is the range of 'noises' that come over the intercom as she self recognises the over-control she makes - never a scared noise, always an excited noise. Ben asked me if she ever gets scared in the plane, and I responded 'she has never been in a plane with somebody who is scared, so the concept of being scared in the plane simply does not exist.' Then I realised how much of a gift we are giving to Lydia, and the other girls we are training, through flight, and how much of a gift it is going to be to so many communities once THEY are flying the missions..

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