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Friday, February 3, 2012

Captains Blog 2012 Day33:

When there is not a pipe taking potable water to the site, we accept that moving around three thousand litres per week by truck is necessary (and big thanks to Bob and Selena for allowing us to fetch water from their house, when the mains water is running!). However, for the building works - concrete consumes far more than us humans in our washing, cooking, cleaning and drinking roles. Therefore, we are reliant on alternatives to turning on the tap. When the tractor is working we can borrow a tanker and fetch water from a stream (which is really low this time of year; but with an ongoing hydraulics issue our tractor is 'on holiday'). A friendly neighbour often lends his tractor, but that is sick also this week. So, nothing left to solve the one thousand litres plus per day building water challenge than use the truck - and the river. That little truck works hard and has not complained at hauling max load - even up and down some rough fields! Without the truck we would simply not have been able to complete so many projects - a practical donation that has saved MoM time, money and stress!

Big thanks to Mr Compost, aka John, from the Banana Farm Compost Factory for lending us his water pump and physical help in water movements! It is not a small task and without John's help we would have been a little challenged than usual!

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