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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plastering.... we're so close to finishing the mini clinic/education unit

Since getting the roof on to B3/4 we have been a little (OK a lot) cash strapped.... but with some creative thinking and financial juggling (we have a lot of balls up in the air!), we are making progress on the plastering... Right now we will struggle to complete the buildings in the planned time frame, mainly since the weather has kept all the aircraft at Kpong on the ground, and consequently our main sponsor WAASPS are exceptionally cash flow reduced... but when has that stopped us in the past?  I remember a meeting with a donor organisation once who, after agreeing with all of our projects and concepts, being remarkably excited by it all, told me straight up 'We are not going to give you any grants or financial support'.  Amazed, (and a little angry too) I asked 'Why?'  - the response amazed me even more 'Because we know you, and you will always find a way - you will work to make it happen.  We give grants to people who arn't able to work around problems like you do.'   To me, rightly or wrongly, it is smarter to back the ones who are ready to make it happen - and have the courage and determination to push on to the very end.... but then I am biased....

Sadly, time and time again we see financial support given to projects that never see the light of day, of get half-built, half (at best) conceptualised, never reaching the target audience - not making progress towards their end goal.  One thing we know how to do at Kpong is how to make every cent of every dollar work hard  - and how to change lives, one flight at a time.... working through the little details, making this a sustainable long term operation.... even if it takes a little longer through lack of financial support, we have enough enthusiasm and passion to work past the seemingly impossible - we have done it in the past and will continue to do so.... with your help....

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