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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A message for all it seems

No matter how many times we teach about NOT urinating in public areas (and not defecating either)
we continue to have a challenge at the airfield car park. Last week a well educated man, from a reputable institution, was upset when we reprimanded him for urinating within 20metres of the toilet block in the car park. He told us he did not come to the airfield for education. Well, he got a surprise free lesson!
To avoid confusion we are now placing large clear signs.
If you are visiting us, please help us to promote good public health with no urinating and no littering, please use the toilets and waste bins provided.
There are over 6 million children in Ghana at risk of schistosomiasis, spread uniquely by poor personal toilet management. Help us to set the standard that will reach back to the communities at risk.

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