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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Faces of MoM

Submitted by Michaela Sholes

Writing about the 'faces of MoM' would not be complete without mentioning Ofori. originally from Accra, he and his family moved to Kpong several years ago where Ofori works hard as a taxi driver. Ofori has two adorable children of school age and supports MoM and airfield activities through his tireless efforts as he always provides a smile and a fair price. He takes MoM staff to visit the Queen Mothers, at times the fulani camp, handles all transportation needs that are not covered by MoM cars, and can always be counted on to be prompt..a luxury that is easy to take for granted until you have been left stranded.
The sticker on the back of his car says it all..'survival'. Ofori says it is there to encourage himself to remember to keep going and whatever he works hard for, he has faith that he will achieve. Thank you for your hard work and support, Ofori. You are invaluable to what we do.

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